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What makes your brownies Blissful?

All of our brownies are very fudge-y, very chocolatey and buttery.  Every flavor is also filled with chocolate chunks.  Forewarning, if you like a cakey brownie Blissful Brownies may not be for you.

Are your brownies fresh?

All of our brownies are baked to order and shipped to you or your recipient fresh.

How do I order?

Choose which packaging size you would like on our product pages. 

You can choose from:

Single Loaf Box:
One flavor (one lb plus) Thick sheet, ready to cut to your desired size.

Double Loaf Box:
Choose two flavors (approximately two and a half lbs). Two thick sheets, ready to cut to your desired size.

Brownie Bites Box:
One flavor (one lb plus) Pre-cut into 15 bite sized pieces

One individually wrapped brownie.  This is available in all eleven of our year round flavors.  Comes in a cellophane bag and tied with a bow.  Nice for party favors and for every day. (approximately 5 oz.)

Individual Gift Box:
Contains Twelve of our Individually wrapped brownies.  You may choose up to Three flavors.

If you are looking for something more celebratory we also offer any of our chocolate based flavors in our Cake rounds.  These are lovely for buffets, birthdays and parties! 

You can choose:

Baby Cake:
4 inches

Large Cake:
8 inches

What Flavors Can I choose from?

Our year round flavors are:

Classic Chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Butter

German Chocolate

Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Orange

Caramel Pecan

Chocolate Walnut

Chocolate Raspberry

Peppermint Candy

Pumpkin Spice

Brown Sugar


We also frequently offer pop up flavors.  These flavors may not be available in all of the packaging options.

What is a Brownie Loaf

Good Question!  A brownie loaf is simply a thick sheet of uncut brownie.  It is substantial!

You used to offer a Six Brownie Box and Twelve Brownie Box—what happened to them?

The Six Brownie Box and the Twelve Brownie Boxes have been renamed to Single Loaf Box and Double Loaf Box.  These boxes contain the SAME amount of brownie.  The difference is is that the recipient can now cut the brownie to their liking.  Since we hand cut the appearance is a little sleeker and the edges stay fresher longer.  Of course, if you miss your six-brownie let us know and we are happy to cut it for you!

Do you offer anything else other than brownies?

Yes!  We offer a variety of confections.  Lemon Bars, Blissful Delight, English Toffee and many seasonal pop-up bars and other delights.

Can I order for a future date?

Yes!  Absolutely.  Just enter you date at checkout.

Do you offer Gluten Free items?

Yes, however our kitchen is not gluten free and there may be a danger of cross contamination.  You may contact us if you would like to order gluten free brownies.  Our English Toffee and Blissful Delight come gluten free.

Can I add gift message to my order?

Of course!

 Any other questions?  Please contact us!  We are here to help!